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How to Have a Successful Divorce

  • Posted on 04 January 2016
  • by Stan Corey

I was recently quoted in Northern Virgina magazine in its divorce issue. The article, "How to Have a Successful Divorce," provides a valuable overview of the marriage break-up process: 

Lawyers often bring in certified financial planners like Stan Corey, managing director of United Capital Financial Life Management. For 25 years, Corey has participated in collaborative divorces; his role is to determine what a divorce agreement will mean for each spouse financially, both now and in the future. “Unlike marriage, your divorce lasts forever. Don’t sign anything if you don’t know what it means,” Corey warns. “A year later, if you realize you made a mistake [or] that there’s a problem, there’s not much you can do about it. You can’t get a do-over in divorce.” Corey’s new book, “The Divorce Dance,” chronicles steps taken by a divorcing couple while analyzing nearly every aspect of divorce, including selecting an attorney, negotiating property and working out issues of custody and support.
Mental health professionals and specialists in child development may also participate in collaborative divorce proceedings. “We might call in a child specialist to ask children how they’re feeling [or] find out if they want input into their future. The specialist then reports back to the team,” Bonin says. The advantage of collaborative divorce is it gives clients more tools. In the beginning there are a lot of players, but as the team moves forward, the process becomes more streamlined. He adds that in certain cases, it doesn’t matter what approach a lawyer takes. “Some clients are not going to settle,” he says.

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Source: Northern Virginia Magazine 

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